Mission Statement

What You Want Productions is a group of DJ’s, VJ’s, Content Creators, and Event Specialists committed to bringing quality and custom services to excite your guests and bring your event to the next level. Whether it be the visuals on stage, the sound on the ground, the lights in the sky, or music for your ears we do it all.

“Giving the people What YOU Want, one event at a time.”



To ensure our clients receive What They Want while being professional, efficient, and original. Your events and the lasting impression you want to leave are our ultimate goal. We strive to give our clients the very best end product by utilizing top quality equipment, personnel, and services.

When providing content, our aim is to provide unique and original material to make your event stand apart.


Expectations of Ourselves

Our staff is committed to bringing their “A Game” no matter what the event requires. We hold ourselves and our affiliates to the highest standards of customer service with no exceptions. We push ourselves to provide peak professionalism and the precision of our services is always paramount.

Examples of Work

What You Want Productions is a one stop shop for event services. We’ve worked Thousands of gigs and work on pretty much every aspect of “events”. Events itself is a broad term covering a huge range of gigs that have come our way. From small intimate gatherings to massive music festivals, we have done it all.


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What You Want Productions